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Choices, Choices

The one who sent me is with me. I always do what is pleasing to him. So he has not left me alone. – John 8:29

Try to please me first. Before yourself. Before others.
As you go through your day, you will have lots of choices to make. Most of them will be small, every day choices that you have to make quickly- what to wear, who to sit with at lunch, what to do your book report on.

Most people make their choices out of habit- they choose to do the same things they always do. Or they choose things that please themselves or others. This is not what I want from you. Choose to please Me- in your big decisions and in the small ones too.

When your greatest desire is to please Me, making the right choices becomes easier. A quick, one-word prayer- “JESUS”- is all it takes to call upon My help and guidance. Seek to pleaase Me in everything you do.

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I’m awesome, how about you!!!

Who cares that I am only 6 years old. I am one awesome kid. I can run as fast as my shadow, throw a ball as far as the mail box, oh and I can almost jump as high as the clouds which look just like a group of animals floating across the sky. Yep, I am one awesome kid. Not only can I do all those things but God who created everything I see and feel thinks I am pretty awesome too. He loves me more than anyone, EVEN MY PARENTS, who think they have the greatest love for me. Yes I know they love me but I have a God who will always be there for me even if I take a side road from time to time. Do you know just how awesome you are, did you know that you have a friend that gave his life up for you long before you were even thought of. His name is Jesus and He thinks your awesome too!!!

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I come not to bring peace, but a sword! -Christ-

I am not an innocent bystander, I am a threat to my enemy

I am powerful, I am strategic & bold, I will not stand idly by

I will take ground, I will advance

I will tear through my enemy, My enemy will hate me

I will not avoid the difficult fight!!!

                 I will fight, I will be wounded                                                                                         

                 I will be targeted & I will bleed

                 I will not tire, my wounds will be healed

                 I will see tragedy, i will feel pain…

                 But I will be restored!!!

                 My feet will not stumble, My hands will hold fast

                 I will not be INTIMIDATED!!!

I cannot be stopped

I will stand by my brothers in arms

I will fight until my last breath

I will push the limits

I will scale the mountains

My enemy will cower



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Hard times equal great blessings

                          Jesus is always with us, whether we seek Him or not. As I began to teach the kids today, I find that I to am learning right there with them. Its funny how when you speak the truth, how wisdom seems to come from your mouth. So I told my kids, sometimes its hard to notice God in our happy times and when everything is running smoothly for us.We can quickly forget why we are so blessed and even then, we should take time to thank Him for the blessings we are receiving. However, when our days are being rushed and it feels like the world is working against us we need to remember that all things work together for good. I told the kids to thank God even in rough times when it seems like He couldnt be farther away from them. In most cases, when the going gets tough, be prepared for hard times equal great blessings, and the creator of everything is about to do something great in you. My illustrated story today was of me going through a financial crisis this week. I was almost out of money, not wanting to borrow from anyone, and before the day was over. I received an unexpected check in the mail that completely removed the worry off my shoulders. Thats how God works, He doesnt just wait til’ your at the end of your rope, throw you another line and pull you a little higher. If you put complete trust in Him and test Him with your best. God wont just lift you a little higher, but take your hand and pull you to complete safety. We all know God can out-do any one of us, but He says, go ahead and test me- try to outgive me and see if I wont OUT-DO YOU!!! Try it for the next few weeks to give your absolute best to God, and have an open mind. Even if times get hard, remember, He is about to open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing.

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Let the children come…

           In the book of Matthew, Chapter 19 verses 13 – 15 it says “One day children were brought to Jesus in the hope that He would lay hands on them and pray over them. The disciples shooed them off. But Jesus intervened: “Let the children alone, don’t prevent them from coming to me. God’s kingdom is made up of people like these.”

           Today, it’s scary to think that a child would be shooed away from knowing about Jesus, but much to often it happens and as a parent myself, I find that I am just as guilty as the disciples were. I know how it is to work all day and come home, wanting to sit down, but finding a little one at your feet begging for attention. Here’s my delima, spend time with my kids, or push a television in there face so I can get some r and r. Guilty as charged, however, I am learning to focus on my kidos.  At Transformation House, the kids ministry, (T.K.O.) wants every child that walks through its doors to know that they matter more to the kingdom than any disney program can compete with. Inside every child is an extraodinary soul designed by the ultimate creator with a purpose only they will come to know by dwelling in His presence. We stand by our name- Transforming Kids Operation- in hopes that we can somehow be a part of what God has plan for you child. Children are full of questions and even my four year old son has a hypothesis from time to time. He’s quite the character. I am passionate about my ministry and my prayer for you is that your child becomes a world changer for the Kingdom. Come and experience what it truely means to be transformed at Transformation House and more than anything keep our ministries in your prayers.

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Pastor Jon

Come and experience T.K.O. (TransformingKidsOperation) This sunday at 10 a.m. @ Transformation House located downtown greenville, at the West End Market.

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